3 Day Itinerary from Errachidia to Sahara via Ziz Valley Oasis

This excursion, which lasts for three days, provides an enthralling journey into the heart of Morocco’s eastern regions. It combines the tranquil beauty of the Ziz Valley with the exciting attraction of the Sahara Desert. In order to deliver a balanced experience that includes cultural immersion, magnificent vistas, and desert adventure, the schedule has been devised.

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Day 1: Arrival in Errachidia and Drive to Erfoud via Ziz Valley

First, you will arrive in Errachidia, a city located in the eastern part of Morocco that is famous for its breathtaking scenery and its closeness to the Sahara Desert. This will be the beginning of your expedition across Morocco. Errachidia is the starting point for your journey of the desert, giving you the opportunity to experience a fusion of contemporary life and traditional Moroccan culture. You will be met by the tranquil beauty of the area as soon as you touch down at Moulay Ali Cherif Airport, which is the airport that serves Errachidia. You will get your first taste of the beautiful natural variety that Morocco has to offer when you visit Errachidia, which is bordered by imposing mountains and dry plains. Begin your travel to Erfoud by driving via Ziz Valley. Once you have arrived in Errachidia, you will begin your journey to Erfoud. This route is very beautiful since it takes you through the Ziz Valley, which is a beautiful valley. The valley is a ribbon of greenery and vitality that winds its way across the desert. It is famous for the gorgeous palm trees and steep canyons that it contains. You will have various possibilities to take photographs along the way, which will enable you to capture the breathtaking contrast between the verdant valley and the dry mountains. When you are exploring Ziz Valley, you may make stops along the road to take in the breathtaking scenery and possibly even go to a neighboring town to get a glimpse of how people live in the valley according to traditional Moroccan culture. Not only is the Ziz Valley a stunning natural location, but it is also an important agricultural sector for the region, particularly for the production of dates for the region. Erfoud, which is your goal for the day, is sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to the Sahara.” Therefore, you will arrive at Erfoud. In addition to being a crucial halt before heading into the Sahara Desert, this town is well-known for the fossil-rich marbles that is found inside its walls. It is possible to get a one-of-a-kind understanding of the geological history of the area by visiting the local markets in Erfoud. These markets are famous for the fossils and traditional crafts that they sell. During the night, you will be staying in Erfoud. Once you have settled into your accommodations, you will have the opportunity to unwind and get ready for the following desert experiences. When you spend the evening in Erfoud, you will have the chance to indulge in the regional cuisine. This is the first day of your tour, and it will set the tone for your Saharan adventure. It will include beautiful drives, cultural insights, and an introduction to the different landscapes that make Morocco such an alluring destination.

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Ziz river

Day 2 - Explore Erfoud, Rissani Visit, and Sahara Desert Experience

The second day of your trip explores Morocco’s desert culture via historical research and an incredible Sahara Desert adventure. Erfoud, known for its petrified marble and entrance to the Sahara Desert, is your morning destination. Visit a fossil workshop to learn about the area’s geology. Many fossilized objects from prehistoric marine life are shown in these studios. Visit Rissani: After Erfoud, visit this historic town. The Alaouite dynasty, which dominates Morocco today, originated in Rissani. You may see the Alaouite Dynasty founder Moulay Ali Cherif’s Mausoleum and wander the souks. With its ksars (fortified settlements) and unique architecture, the town shows traditional Saharan life. Lunch with Traditional Moroccan Berber Pizza: In Rissani, try “Medfouna.” The meat, herbs, and spices in this packed bread are delicious and a hearty introduction to local food. Sunset Camel Ride in the Sahara: Visit Merzouga’s Erg Chebbi dunes in the late afternoon. Camel trekking is a must in Sahara. As the sun sets, the dunes become golden, making for stunning panoramas. A night in a desert tent in the Sahara dunes concludes your day. Enjoy Berber hospitality and a stargazing campfire meal. The campgrounds provide cozy tents with minimal utilities so you can enjoy the desert’s serenity and beauty. This day combines cultural exploration and adventure to reveal Morocco’s Saharan history, customs, and natural beauties. The contrast between historic settlements and the ageless desert scenery is enlightening and fascinating.

Rissani Souk Vegetables
Seller Spices Rissani Souk Vibes

Day 3: Sahara Desert 4x4 Adventure and Return to Errachidia

An adrenaline start to your day with an off-road ride that allows you to explore the distinctive landscapes and potentially meet local animals or nomadic Berber families, you begin on a thrilling 4×4 desert adventure in the enormous dunes of Erg Chebbi on Day 3 of your Moroccan vacation. This adventure provides you with an opportunity to see the beautiful landscapes of Morocco. Following this exciting morning, you make your way back to your desert camp for a substantial breakfast, after which you have one more moment to appreciate the peace and quiet of the Sahara. You then begin your trip back to Errachidia, during which you will retrace the breathtaking routes across the desert and have lunch along the way, which will provide you with an additional opportunity to sample the food of the neighborhood. You arrive in Errachidia sometime in the late afternoon or early evening. Once you are there, you have the choice to either stay the night and experience the local markets and eating scene or to get ready for your next travel destination. This last day in the desert is a magnificent way to wind up your tour. It combines the excitement of an expedition into the Sahara with the drive back via the stunning landscapes, resulting in a memorable conclusion to your time in the Sahara.

ATV tour on stand dunes
ATV tour on stand dunes
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