4 Day Morocco Trip From Errachidia to Fes via Sahara Desert

Explore Morocco’s Sahara Desert from Errachidia to Fes in four days, capturing its serene beauty and rich cultural heritage. Journey from Errachidia to Merzouga’s enchanting dunes for a camel trip and starlit night in the desert. Experience the diverse landscapes, from the Middle Atlas Mountains to Fes’ historic medinas, for an unforgettable adventure combining natural wonders and cultural richness.

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Day 1: Arrival in Errachidia and Drive to Erfoud via Ziz Valley

First, you’ll arrive at Errachidia, a city in eastern Morocco known for its beautiful surroundings and proximity to the Sahara Desert. Your Moroccan adventure begins here. Your desert tour begins in Errachidia, where modern life and Moroccan culture blend. When you land at Moulay Ali Cherif Airport, which serves Errachidia, you’ll see the serene beauty. Errachidia, surrounded by mountains and parched plains, will introduce you to Morocco’s natural beauty. Drive via Ziz Valley to reach Erfoud. From Errachidia, you’ll go to Erfoud. Traveling through the picturesque Ziz Valley makes this trip beautiful. The valley winds over the desert with flora and vigor. Beautiful palm palms and deep valleys make it renowned. There are several picture opportunities along the trip to capture the stunning contrast between the lush valley and arid mountains. You may stop along the drive to admire Ziz Valley’s splendor and visit a nearby village to see how Moroccans live in the valley. The Ziz Valley is a beautiful natural area and an important agricultural sector for the region, especially for date production.

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Day 2 - Explore Erfoud, Rissani Visit, and Sahara Desert Experience

The second day of your trip explores Morocco’s desert culture via historical research and an incredible Sahara Desert adventure. Erfoud, known for its petrified marble and entrance to the Sahara Desert, is your morning destination. Visit a fossil workshop to learn about the area’s geology. Many fossilized objects from prehistoric marine life are shown in these studios. Visit Rissani: After Erfoud, visit this historic town. The Alaouite dynasty, which dominates Morocco today, originated in Rissani. You may see the Alaouite Dynasty founder Moulay Ali Cherif’s Mausoleum and wander the souks. With its ksars (fortified settlements) and unique architecture, the town shows traditional Saharan life. Lunch with Traditional Moroccan Berber Pizza: In Rissani, try “Medfouna.” The meat, herbs, and spices in this packed bread are delicious and a hearty introduction to local food. Sunset Camel Ride in the Sahara: Visit Merzouga’s Erg Chebbi dunes in the late afternoon. Camel trekking is a must in Sahara. As the sun sets, the dunes become golden, making for stunning panoramas. A night in a desert tent in the Sahara dunes concludes your day. Enjoy Berber hospitality and a stargazing campfire meal. The campgrounds provide cozy tents with minimal utilities so you can enjoy the desert’s serenity and beauty. This day combines cultural exploration and adventure to reveal Morocco’s Saharan history, customs, and natural beauties. The contrast between historic settlements and the ageless desert scenery is enlightening and fascinating.

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Day 3: Sahara Desert to Midelt

On the third day of your journey from Errachidia to Fes, you transition from the captivating dunes of Merzouga to the serene town of Midelt, nestled between the Middle and High Atlas Mountains. The day begins with the warmth of the Sahara sun as you leave behind the golden sands of Merzouga, carrying with you memories of a starlit night and the tranquil silence of the desert. The drive to Midelt is a scenic voyage through diverse Moroccan landscapes, where the arid expanses of the Sahara gradually give way to the cooler, more verdant terrain of the Atlas Mountains. Along the way, the route offers breathtaking views and a chance to witness the dramatic shift in Morocco’s topography. Midelt, known as the ‘apple capital’ of Morocco, presents a peaceful retreat with its refreshing climate and picturesque setting. It’s a town that bridges the stark beauty of the Sahara with the rugged charm of the Atlas. The town’s surroundings are marked by apple orchards and a backdrop of the Ayachi Mountain, making it a delightful contrast to the desert you’ve just explored. While in Midelt, you might explore local markets or take a short hike in the nearby areas, enjoying the tranquility that this less-traveled Moroccan destination offers. This day is a journey of contrasting landscapes, from the rolling dunes of the Sahara to the mountainous, fertile valleys of the Atlas region, each providing a unique window into the natural diversity of Morocco. As the day ends, Midelt offers a serene environment to relax and prepare for the final leg of your journey to the historic city of Fes.

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Day 4: Midelt to Fes

Day 4 from Errachidia ends with a lovely drive from Midelt to Fes via the charming Middle Atlas Mountains. The morning air is cool leaving Midelt, the ‘apple city’, a welcome contrast after the desert heat. Ascending the Atlas Mountains reveals Morocco’s rural life via verdant woods, flowing rivers, and Berber communities. This leg’s highlight is the gorgeous Cedar Forest near Azrou, home to Barbary macaques. This forest lets you interact with nature and see these rare primates in their natural surroundings. The trip continues via Ifrane, the ‘Switzerland of Morocco’, with its alpine-style buildings. Unlike the desert and mountains, this charming town stands out. As you near Fes, the environment changes again, welcoming you to city life. Fes is one of Morocco’s oldest imperial cities and rich in culture. A UNESCO World Heritage site, its old medina is a maze of small alleyways with artisan workshops, busy souks, and historic sites including Al-Qarawiyyin University. After traveling through Morocco’s most beautiful landscapes, you’ll arrive at Fes, a city that embodies its rich cultural and historical legacy. This last day wonderfully captures the journey’s essence: natural beauty, cultural experiences, and historical inquiry.

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